High Impact Advertising at Conventions

Conventions provide an excellent opportunity to reach thousands of people in a short time period. The business, or businesses, hosting the convention will have a captive audience. Making announcements, introducing new products or services, and boosting brand awareness can be done in a number of creative ways. In addition to banners and podiums displaying the business logo, outdoor advertising can engage attendees throughout the day and evening. Mobile billboards, for example, can travel around the city to attract attention in the evenings, during lunch breaks, and around hotels where attendees are staying.

Vendors or presenters at the convention can also utilize unique Las Vegas convention advertising to attract new customers, or promote products. Street teams can engage people outside the venue to inform them of products or services offered. Brand ambassadors can provide samples, present coupons, and extol features of a product. Outdoor advertising is cost-effective and flexible. It can occur at different locations to target specific audiences. A team can be dispatched to focus on professionals, while another one can focus on significant others that have accompanied them to the convention. Almost six billion people travel to Las Vegas for conventions every year, which allows for concentrated brand-boosting opportunities.


Digital billboards are also cost-effective and high impact. Many billboards in the city are literally larger than life. There is no better way to capture attention than to splash a brand high above the street. Spots run for eight seconds at a time with a variety of frequencies available. A local business can capitalize on increased populations while a convention is in town and advertise for a day, week, or several weeks. Large format LED static digital billboards are also available at strategic places in the City. One is a 15,500 square foot screen that operates on a three-minute advertising loop.

Another option for high impact outdoor advertising is to have a mobile billboard customized to make it stand out more. Added pieces can extend past the frame to pop out from the borders. Skirting can be added to display a tagline, include convention dates, or provide extra information. Consider unique Las Vegas convention advertising to boost brand awareness and raise revenue.


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